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We're Not a Shade Sales Company

Come again? Though we sell blinds, shades, and draperies we don’t consider ourselves a “shade sales company”. In fact, we’re two former engineers that just¬†happen to sell shades. But we think this is to our advantage. You see, our background gives us the competitive edge to look at a building as it’s being constructed and see it as an “engineer” would.

The same approach an engineer would take at solving a problem is the same way we look at choosing blinds. We analyze the intricate details of that space including the directional orientation, layout, furniture, and purpose to help you strategize the best window covering. Yes, it’s totally nerdy, but we see no other way in choosing and installing blinds.

Your Window Covering Engineers

Yes, we're related. No, we're not married to each other.

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Co-Owner and Sister-in-Law

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    Let's Get Your Windows Covered

    What's the difference between blinds and shades? Will blackout shades really help my kids sleep? Contact us to get answers to all those burning questions or if you're ready to have us give you a quote. We're here for either!