How Window Coverings Can Help You Not Get Kicked Out Of Your Neighborhood

You just moved into the new neighborhood- the one with the new homes, neighborhood park, and the neighborhood covenants.

Sure, you know that you can’t park your trailer home on your driveway for more than a week or that any “major” structural changes require approval from the board, but one of the most common offenses could easily get you kicked out.

Universal fact: All guys walk around in their underwear at their home.

We all know it, but nobody talks about it and it’s time people do.

Imagine the horror of unsuspecting children momentarily turning their attention to your home only to be met with the unsightly image of your husband in his underwear. There are laws against this, you know.

But he’s totally not a perv. He just thought that it was still light enough outside to not reveal the inside of your home when he made the poor decision to abandon his trouser for less restricted attire.

What will the neighbors post on the Nextdoor App? Will you get a letter from the HOA? Do you really want to risk knowing the outcome?

We, for one, cannot take that chance. It would be negligence on our end to let homes (with husbands) have uncovered windows.

Will finish this later…

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